Voices from the volunteers


slisha Hello
I am a Danish anthropology student from Aarhus University, Denmark. I have been doing a research in the WAWCAS-program for more than 3 months. I loved my time while doing the research, and I meet a lot of amazing people. Especially the members of the program, who made a big impression on me. I have seen how the women in the program evolve during the loan-period. In the beginning they are very shy, but as the time goes by, you can see how the women enters new relationships in the group, and how they build up self-esteem and dare to stand up for them self.It has been a privilege to get to know the staff and women of the WAWCAS-program. 


Louise Marklund


slisha Katrine Natorp, 20 years, from Aarhus, Denmark (volunteer period 05/02-15/03 2013). Volunteering for Slisha has been a great experience. My friend Amalie Corty Dam and I worked at Slisha Home, Life Skills Int. School and for the project WAWCAS, where we worked on three mini documentaries. We had a big influence on what we wanted to contribute with, and the process has been open, flexible and taught me a lot. The children at Slisha home are openhearted and clever, I really enjoyed their company. The WAWCAS project is a great initiative, the women we met very inspiring, and the team behind has a great energy. I hope the best for Slisha, and thank for the experience 

Amalie Corty Dam from Denmark (volunteer period February – Marts 2013) “I had an amazing time volunteering for Slisha. For me it was a very inspiring experience, and I will for sure take a lot of good things with me from the project. When we joined the project we were consulted, and what we thought we could contribute with, played a big role in the way our stay was formed. We had a  great time at the Slisha home with the lovely children, we spend some happy hours in the Life Skill International School teaching and playing with the children, and we met some wonderful women with exciting stories in the WAWCAS project – and I loved every moment of it. I’m sure Slisha plays a big role in manypeople’s lives, and it is apparent that without all the efforts from the Slisha team, many people’s life would be really different. It was a very empowering experience to see how much time and effort the women put into their businesses and how much their own and their children’s lives changed because of it. I was extremely inspired by every single person I met through the project. Overall my stay with Slisha was a highly positive experience and I wish the organization all the best in the future.


Kelly Sipp,(volunteer period 02-27 August 2011) volunteer from France expressed her views that the programme has definitely proved to be life-changing and a good stepping-stone towards empowerment and independency for the women within their community and families.The women are all very committed to their responsibilities within their respective groups including their instalment payments and special responsibilities as members of each groups’ board. All their children of age to go to school are provided with a proper education and school supplies, by their families.