Slisha Home

Slisha Home: On 9th April 2007, Slisha established a home for 20 children at Kapan, Kathmandu. These children are the victims of the 10-year-long conflict of Nepal.

Slisha strongly believes that “children learn who they are and what life is all about from the people they are with.”  Therefore, the Home is operated just like a normal Nepali home. There are three staff

The children will stay in the Home until they have completed at least their high school education. The children will be given assistance in looking for employment and living quarters when they have completed their studies.

Slisha Home moved to the new premises in March 2011, after a long search starting with notice given by last landlord in October 2010. The premises are well maintained. Systematic allotment of study and living quarters have been strengthened with proper attention given to maintaining hygiene and sanitation. The study room has book shelves with spaces clearly allotted for the children’s bags and books.

At present there are 17 children and a home mother and father looking after the children. The children are actively involved in taking care of the Home. The relationship between the Home Mother and Father and the children is healthy.

15 children attend Daffodil School and two children attends Bhrikuti School. Both schools are within walking distance. These are well reputed schools. The children were proactive, confident and outgoing. The children have been awarded quite a number of trophies, medals and award certificates which are displayed in the study room.

Rehabilitation of 3 children: Slisha Home children are mostly victims of conflict and some families were displaced. Relatives of 3 children were identified and these children have been rehabilitated.  However, as the families are still economically marginalized, monthly support of Nrs.500 is being given at present.

Children have maintained good health with no major illnesses.

the most important  achievements include: 

  • All children are happy and healthy
  • All children are getting good results at school
  • They are very good in extra curricula activities.