Discussion With Family Members (DWFM)

DWFM was designed by Sangeeta Shrestha, Chairperson of Slisha as an approach for working with women and children.  The aim of DWFM is to create awareness, motivate and educate community members regarding the importance of the rights of women and children in the context of holistic community development through:

  • discussions, case studies, role plays and demonstrations.
  • interaction and involvement of all interested children (10 and 15 years) and parents. A separate children’s group can be formed for those between the ages of 7 and 10.
  • Participatory methods and creating fun learning environment in the community     Read More

 Positive Deviance

Positive Deviance approach was started by Jerry Sternin, Country Director of Save the Children/US –Vietnamin 1990 and was specifically designed for use in regards to nutrition.  This approach was then adapted by Sangeeta Shrestha for application in gender in 1999 inNepal.

The Positive Deviance approach entails identification of the best practices of any given situation by individuals, families or groups by the community.  Then information is gathered on what contributes to the best practices through inquiries, observations, discussions and interviews.

Based on the findings messages and contents for training material are developed.    Read More